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Financial Aid opportunities for staff:

Emergencies happen, and oftentimes they bring with them sudden, unexpected expenses. Many who find themselves in this situation don't have access to the kind of funds they need, and go in search of loans to cover the costs.

Here at Diligent Care Services we care a lot about our staff and if they find themselves in such a situation of life, we offer short-term bridging loans to enable them to meet those demands.

Financial Aid opportunities for service users: 

If you, or those you care for, need help to pay for  care services then you may be eligible for funding. To find out more about funding which you may be eligible to receive, please see the links below.

Attendance Allowance

This is a tax-free benefit for people who are physically or mentally disabled who need someone to look after or supervise them. You have to have received care or supervision for at least 6 months before being eligible. You also need to be over 65 years old.

This is not means tested.

The rates vary so please call the Benefit Enquiry Line for advice: 0800 882 200


Disability Living Allowance

You may get this if you are under 65 years of age. The rate varies and there is an additional mobility component. Call the Benefit Enquiry Line for advice: 0800 882 200


State Funding

This allowance is paid by local Councils depending on the amount of capital you have, excluding your house, and you may be entitled to full or partial funding. If you are eligible the Council will either pay for your care or give you a direct payments which allow you to spend the money on care as you choose.


Independent Living Funds

Paid by Central Government. This is to support people to continue to live at home. To be eligible you must be between 16 and 66 years of age and your assets and capital must be less than a certain amount.

For advice ring: 0845 601 8815


Free and Pre-Payment Prescriptions

These are only for NHS prescriptions. If you are over 65 years old your medication is free.

If you receive a pre-payment prescription you may make considerable savings. For further information call: 0845 850 0030


Single Person Council Tax Allowance

If you live on your own you are entitled to a Sole Occupancy Discount of 25% reduction on your Council tax.



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